Standing against the tauney marble rail, the mechanized lady pivoted her elegant neck to face me. Fine tuned clockwork behind her eyes whirred at me as she spoke in melodic and measured tones.

"We are living creatures, just as you are, but we have experiences you would not be able to understand or value."

Her delicate wooden face had an expression, so I percieved that she was looking beyond me; indeed I turned and saw there large irregularly shaped cases which were no less finely formed, they looked as though they contained oversized instruments.

“Our memories are unlike yours,” she continued, “they can only be revisited through physical interaction. Those are my last remaining, and my most precious. But since you have come to destroy our world I have no further use for them.”

Her words were like a violin through a phonigraph, playing a melancholy song. she moved less gracefully toward the cases and wrapped piped fingers around a black handle on gold hinges. Then she sprung the latch and the case fell open, revealing a dazzling belly of gold lines and teeth and tines, like a gilded city; so delicate I thought my stare would break it.

"This is a record of our centennial ceremony dance, we were so young then that our movements were perfectly timed and beautiful together and that kind of harmony is what we call love.

While I was transfixed by the intricacy she moved to the taller case the leaned against the wall.

"This one isnt a memory, it’s a new life, but its unfinished and it never will be. Not every one of us is made for this world, I suppose."

Her hands reached to open the case latch but she seemingly lost the will, and let her pipe fingers glance down the black velvet exterior.

Then something inside her wound tightly so that it clicked, and suddenly she fled from me.

I looked towards the railing where she had stood before and saw the clouds rising outside their palace home and I knew just as she knew that indeed their world was falling.

Soon these machines of art would become machines of war, not out of desperation but out of some form of nobility.

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